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September 1, 2010

Meet Ali Katz by Jadette Paige

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Hey everyone, mark down this date. September 1, 2010, the launch day of Some Write It Hot blog!

We officially have our own blog. To break open the first champagne bottle is our very own, Ali Katz.

I’ve known Ali for a few years. She has captured my imagination with her flowing words and wonderful stories. Multi-published, all her books are written in manner that allows the reader to become a part of the characters’ lives.

Ali is a great friend and an awesome critique partner. She’s won many writing contests (yes, I’m jealous but it doesn’t stop me from loving her). For those who’ve never taken the plunge on one of Ali’s books, well, you don’t know what you’re missing. Her latest release, His Brother’s Keeper is a definite to be read over and over again.


  1. I love Ali and her writing. What a wonderful way to launch this blog.

    Comment by Lillian Grant — September 1, 2010 @ 04:20 | Reply

  2. Ali is the greatest! His Brother’s Keeper is wonderful and a definite MUST READ.

    Comment by Debbie Vaughan — September 1, 2010 @ 04:39 | Reply

  3. I absolutely loved this book! My heart went out to Jess and Sal over their concern for Teddy. And Jess’s love for his little brother is heartwarming. Made me want to grab him and give him a tight, tight hug. Sal also captured me with his love and concern for his man. His uncertainty at times of how to handle Teddy touched me along with his honesty with Jess’ little brother. Excellent read and a keeper for future reads.

    Comment by Judith Leger — September 1, 2010 @ 06:39 | Reply

  4. Thanks for stopping by the blog Lillian, Debbie, and Judith! Ali’s stories are all keepers for me. 🙂

    Comment by dangerouslysexy — September 1, 2010 @ 07:56 | Reply

  5. Thank you, friends — see me blush?

    Comment by practicalkatz — September 1, 2010 @ 08:37 | Reply

  6. I’m new to the group but Ali’s writing is character driven and totally engaging.

    Comment by Jerri — September 2, 2010 @ 05:50 | Reply

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