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September 7, 2010

Meet Cate Chase by Amber Green

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Meet Cate Chase, teller of erotic tales.

Amber: Dogs or cats?

Cate: Cats. They make you earn their love.

Amber: Why did you fart on stage?

Cate: I thought it would be one of those quiet ones, and–hey! How did you know?

Amber: Okay, so tell us about the first book you embarrassed a family member with.

Cate: I sent an erotic short story to the wrong aunt, who wasn’t amused. The other aunt surprised me–she wanted more.

Amber: The merman story? You tease! You know I’ve been waiting to read that one! Hah! I know–You’ll have to flash some of it to the blog.

Cate: Maybe. Not right now, though. Right now I’m concentrating on completing my full-length novel.

Amber: Do you have time for three quick answers?

Cate: Gemini. Longhorns. Tin ear. *grin* You didn’t say I had to wait for the questions.

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