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September 10, 2010

Meet Ellie Heller by Ali Katz

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Ellie, Ellie, outs in free!

Ellie Heller is one of our as yet unpublished authors. She writes imaginative fiction with a bit of spice. Her characters and world-building skills are remarkable.

Along with world building, Ellie has a talent for visualization and a knack for pointing out exactly what’s missing in a scene — or a paragraph — or a sentence. Both of these skills make her invaluable as a crit partner, especially in the sex scenes. It’s nice to have someone watching your back and willing to say nu’uh, those panties are not going to just slide off if she’s got her legs wrapped around his hips.

Apart from the fact she’s a busy lady with three school age children, I suspect the only reason Ellie’s not published is she’s a little shy about submitting her work. One of the things we, as a group, try to do is help each other past those initial hurdles. Ellie’s conquered the biggest of them; she’s already finished two novels and several short stories. Maybe she needs a little push to get that manuscript ready and hit submit. Care to help?

Here’s an excerpt from the first novel of her Maven trilogy. Tell her what you think.



Nick Lombard works for an off-the-books government agency monitoring creatures that don’t officially exist. Tania Greymantle is the Maven, Queen over the Folk in the northeast United States. When a renegade Were with unusual powers threatens both mortal and Folk, Maven and Agent must combine forces.

Can mortal and Folk work together? We’ll never know, because Agent Nick Lombard has been hiding something, and constant proximity to Maven Titania brings his suppressed Elf blood to life with power and passion.

Can Tania accept that she’s met her match?

Only time will tell, and time is running out.


Maven – Excerpt

“Ms. Greymantle. You made good time.” Given the traffic back up the collapse of the skyway had caused, the fact he said this without a scowl at my likely use of magic was notable. “Good thing. They need your help.”

“I always do what I can, Agent Lombard,” I said, carefully negotiating the frozen slick of concrete. Helping mortals who had been put in danger by Folk was my duty. Of course my Aunt Meg called it a perverse obsession.

His gloved hand gripped my elbow, stilling my movements. Leaning in close, he made a cave out of the furs of our parka hoods, shutting out the rest of the world. As ice pinged on the slick material, his green eyes seemed to weigh me and himself at the same time.

“Anything and everything you can do is needed.”

He, of any mortal, knew what he asked. Beneath his familiar, serious facade, I saw worry etched across his face. Damn, damn, damn. He thought someone he held dear was here. I hated complications. And his being beholden to me for helping to find this person would be a major complication in our relationship as liaisons between the mortal and Folk worlds.

But…I couldn’t turn down his direct appeal. I gave one short nod. Tension left his shoulders and he stepped back. Keeping his arm on my elbow he led us closer to the huge turbine blade sticking up in the air like an obscene finger.

“I’m planning on helping,” he said. “In an unofficial capacity. I’d prefer to aid you, since that’ll make your work easier.”

He asked a lot to be around while I worked magic. He also dangled a darn big carrot. Accepting his help would save more lives. Using my internal magical energy exclusively on finding those in need, and not on getting the workers to cooperate, would make my supply last longer, save more people.

Now I would be beholden to him. How quickly our lives were getting intertwined.

There was no choice, not with death hovering so near for so many. “Thank you for your offer, I’ll take it.”

Visit Ellie at her blog Ellie Writes Too

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