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September 22, 2010

Meet Judith Leger By Amber Green

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Her myspace page says Judith Leger (pronounced LaZHAY) has 2476 friends. That’s true only if you limit the count to myspace. There are more on Facebook. Her blog, as seldom as she updates it, still has more than three dozen public followers. She tweets–and has over 1400 followers on Twitter.

She watches anime and reads manga in between keeping half a college running, doting on an aging Appaloosa, and playing lady in waiting to a supremely regal dachshund who doesn’t like being on a diet. Plus there’s the husband, the kids, the grandbaby. And she writes. Her writing can break a heart, or mend it. Read her Mother’s Day essay.

She keeps up with other people’s lives and troubles and triumphs, and still finds time to read way more than I do. She writes books and short stories too. Yet she always has time to help me brainstorm the motivation for my book’s next scene–or what the motivation leads to if it doesn’t lead to the next scene I’d envisioned. Where does she get the energy? Is this some weird side effect of listening to Linkin Park, The Beatles, and Metallica? How can she possibly get so much done and still be so incredibly nice?

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