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October 4, 2010

The BDSM Lifestyle by Jenika Snow

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**Warning: This post has material that some readers may find offensive.

What is BDSM? Well according to Wikipedia…

“BDSM is a type of roleplay or lifestyle choice between two or more individuals who use their experiences of pain and power to create sexual tension, pleasure, and release. The compound acronym, BDSM, is derived from the terms bondage and discipline (B&D, B/D, or BD), dominance and submission (D&s, D/s, or Ds), sadism and masochism (S&M, S/M, or SM).

BDSM includes a wide spectrum of activities, forms of interpersonal relationships, and distinct subcultures. Many of these experiences are still considered to fall out of conventional sexual activities and human relationships.

Activities and relationships within a BDSM context are characterized by the fact that the participants usually take on complementary, but unequal, roles. Typically, participants who are active — applying the activity or exercising control over others — are known as tops or Dominants. Those participants who are recipients of the activities, or who are controlled by their partners, are typically known as bottoms or submissives. Individuals who move between top/dominant roles and bottom/submissive roles – either periodically within a relationship, or from relationship to relationship – are known as switches.”

While researching for Blush, I came across many different “devices” that are used for BDSM. I’ll admit, some where a little scary, but others were tantalizing. I was surprised even with myself because I never thought I would be into something so…taboo?? Sure, haven’t we all experimented with being tied up or spanked?1 Come one, I know someone out there is with me on this.

So one of the “devices” I used in my story were nipple clamps.

I had a lot of different items to choose while picking out the items I wanted to use for this story, but nipple clamps just stood out in something that I definitely wanted to use. With nipple clamps comes other clamps to be attached to various body parts and while I only have so many “places” I can actually put these clamps the other most obvious spot was on the clit. Now I now most might be disappointed, but I don’t have an actual picture for a clit clamp.

Now believe or not, Wikipedia actually has a definition of what nipple clamps are for. Below is straight from the source:

“A nipple clamp is a clamp used to stimulate the nipples by applying varying degrees of pressure. Its basic principle relies on restriction of blood flow to the erect nipple. They are often used in certain BDSM activities, on both men and women. The use of nipple clamps is often portrayed in the media as deviant or kinky sexual behavior.”

I also decided to do a scene where a spreader bar is used. Now, researching various “paraphernalia” for use in this story wasn’t my only form of research. I also read may different authors that specialize in BDSM, as well as had a great crit partner that was experienced in this genre.

The spreader bar wasn’t originally going to be in my story, but I realized that it needed that special little “umpf” to bring it to that climax…or so to speak. I am sure there are others out there besides me that have no idea what the hell one is.

Below is the definition of this device through the eyes of Wikipedia.

“A spreader bar is an article of bondage equipment consisting of a metal or wooden bar, with attachment points for bondage cuffs at each end, which can be fastened to wrists, ankles or knees to hold them apart. They are used in bondage play, and sometimes in bedroom bondage, usually in association with other bondage equipment.

When applied to the wrists, a bar keeps the arms spread away from the body, providing an unimpeded access to the subject’s torso. When applied to the ankles or between the knees, it immobilizes the subject by preventing all but the most awkward walking, and keeping the legs spread to allow unimpeded access to the subject’s groin and trunk. If bars are applied between the knees and between the ankles, the subject may be forced to bend their knees, making walking even harder. A pair of bars may hold the subject in a spreadeagle position.”

Now these are a few of the many items that can be seen in the BDSM lifestyle. Some are to the point of extreme, others are more tame in nature. Many have the same idea though: making your submissive submit fully and completely.

Jenika Snow…Tales to Tantalize

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