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October 6, 2010

Letting Go by Lauren Fraser

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With Autumn upon us, the leaves are falling from the trees and it has me thinking about letting go of the things that are cluttering my life. I tend to be a bit of a pack rat, we’re not talking TLC’s hoarders, but my storage room is a bit of a nightmare. I know my husband just cringes when he walks in. But somehow I have it in my head that you never know when you might need it. As a result we had several old computers in our basement collecting dust that I finally reformatted and donated this weekend. Yeah.

I hate doing it, but when the process of cleaning out the storage room is done, I always feel so much better. Somehow getting rid of the clutter in my house transfers to other aspects as well and my brain works better too. Go figure. Not quite sure how the connection works but it does. Knowing this, you’d think I’d toss out those old pants that haven’t fit me since high school but for whatever reason those suckers are still hanging in my closet. Baby steps I guess. LOL

When I write, I tend to be a bit of a pack rat there as well. So when I’ve written the rough draft of a book and go back in to deepen the point of view or edit out the garbage, it’s a bit like cleaning up my storage room. I look at some of what I have down on the page and I think what the heck was I thinking? So I go back to cleaning out the clutter to find what’s necessary in the story to make it flow and somehow four adjectives to describe his chest just aren’t needed. Oops. Sometimes cutting a scene that doesn’t work is a little like throwing out my favourite pants that don’t fit, it’s hard but necessary and hopefully in the end my writing, like my house, is a little better for it.

It’s the same for the plot bunnies running around in my head, sometimes I just have to put those guys aside to focus on the task at hand and sometimes I look at my list of ideas and as painful as it is I have to let some of those ideas go because they just don’t fit anymore.

Since I find this whole letting go process a little difficult, I’m really curious how other people handle it. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there with a storage room that should have a hazard sign stamped on the door or books that are slightly wordy to say the least. So what do you find makes this process easier?

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