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October 7, 2010

Secret Identity By Gillian Archer

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I have a secret identity. I’m not talking about my fetish art collection—that’s a topic for another day! I’m talking about my alter-ego—the erotic romance author. I should probably come up with a more creative handle for this article—Erotica Girl or Kara Sutra—but I think we’ll go with Gillian.

Up until a month ago, the only people in my every day life who knew about my writing was limited to my husband, my sister and my Irish best friend. And of those, only the husband knows my pen name. I’m a very private person. Obviously. Writing is a relatively new thing for me. I felt like I would jinx it, if I—for lack of a better term—came out. But this is it. I think I’ve found my passion. The one thing I can see myself working at and loving.

Now I find myself on the edge of a precipice. We’ve (the hubby and I) made the decision to move back stateside and as part of the move, I am going to pursue writing full time. The issue?? Do we tell people why? The job part, I mean. I know there’s nothing extremely distasteful about the writing game per se. I won’t find the same prejudices Joe Shuster no doubt would have faced. It’s just that I work in a very male oriented day job and as a result all of my friends save one are men. I’m afraid there will be patronizing looks and softly spoken, “ooohs.” I’ve worked really hard for the respect these men currently give me. I *might* be known as somewhat of a ball buster IRL. Shocking, I know.

And then there’s the family. I’ve already told my mom. Just last month actually. Surprisingly enough, she was thrilled. Part of me thought she would be disappointed that I’m essentially throwing away my college education—I’m an underground mining engineer for those of you who missed my intro last month. But she was happy since it meant in her words, “you won’t be working in such a dangerous job. Yay! Now if we can only get your husband to quit.” Huh. Color me amazed. Doesn’t mean I’m going to tell grandma though. She’s über religious. I can’t even imagine that conversation. o_O

So should I give people the benefit of the doubt? Believe that my friends and family will support my dream. Sounds like a silly question as I write it but it’s not easy for me to be vulnerable. Should I proudly proclaim, I’m an erotic romance author, damn it!?

I think I will. But I’m definitely keeping the pen name just between me and the hubby. I’m not ready to be that open.

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