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October 13, 2010

Dreaming by Judith Leger

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Stephen King dreams. He writes about his nocturne journeys. As an author, he utilizes his dreams to create characters that are memorable, scenes which stay with you, and books that are sold around the world. All of this from his dreams.

I dream also. I follow King’s methods and have written a few books taken from my dreams. Some are finished and published while others wait for another nightly trip to fill in the empty areas. The first book I wrote from a dream was The Wraith’s Forest. I loved the characters in that story. It’s rated PG so even young people can read it. Next came The Witch Within with its sequel Hearts’ Reunion. The Witch Within came from a vivid dream.

The beginning of the story is almost exactly the same as my dream. Even the ambiance with its strong Gothic flavor along with the details of each scene were captured in the book. I tried not to change or interfere with the integrity of the dream as I wrote. With Hearts’ Reunion,I felt there was a strong need to continue the story.

I’m glad I did. It helped me give closure to the dream.

All of these stories are perfect for this time of year. They’re spooky, spine tingling to fit in with Halloween.

My favorite of all dreams that I started a book on was the one about the little girl. I dreamed I rescued a tiny girl from a flood. The water was right at her shoulders and she was struggling so hard to make it to someplace out of the water. I found her in a huge auditorium type room. She looked like Thumbelina with her long golden hair and minuscule size. She wore a double-breasted flare skirted crimson coat trimmed with black piping. On her head was a red pillbox hat. I picked her up and placed her in a book to keep her dry. The next thing I knew, I was outside of the auditorium and walking toward a Greek temple. As I walked across the marble walk before the temple, a man came toward me from the other side. We met in the middle. I handed him the book. He took it with the little girl still inside and published it.

This dream happened years ago. Was this a prelude of my publishing career? Perhaps…

Do you dream? Are they vivid and inspire you to write about them? One small detail is all it takes to create an entire book. With dreams, your muse is freed from what your rational mind is trying to tell you to write. So please, tell me about your dreams and how you use them in your writing > I love hearing about stories like this.

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