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October 20, 2010

My first time by Lillian Grant

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When I first joined ERAuthors I didn’t write erotica. Now don’t get me wrong, my heroes and heroines were far from chaste, but I didn’t get into the in and outs of the consummation of their union. When I was looking for a home for my first novel I submitted it to a few publishers but only one showed any interest, Loose Id. They liked the story but before they would give me a contract they said they wanted me to submit a rewritten sex scene. I do believe my editor got her point across by mentioning the words hot and sex more times in one letter than I will ever see again.

Other than the stories I critiqued on ERAuthors, I had never read erotica but I thought, how hard can it be? Silly, silly me! Not only do you have to work out who does what to whom and when, you need to describe it in such a way that you don’t sound like a director of a cheap porn movie. It’s easy to write sex but to make it sensual is another thing altogether.

My first attempts sounded like a commentary not unlike those you hear on National Geographic documentaries about mating zebras. Not sexy at all. Having made sure that in my scene my stars only had two hands, two legs and one of the important bits each, I needed to work out what they could do without sounding like contortionists. Imagine if a reader tried to act it out and damaged themselves? The other problem was how do you describe the most interesting body parts without reusing the same few words over and over again. Thank God for the erotic thesaurus. Who knew there were so many words for the male organ, some of them so funny I was completely distracted from writing. However at last I had the ins and outs written using the most eloquent descriptions. But, alas, my work was far from done. I then needed to know how my characters experienced the seduction and then the consummation of their romance. My story was written from the heroine’s point of view so how did she react mentally and physically to my hero’s best efforts? Thankfully dear Nancy was happy to share her innermost thoughts.

Finally, I decided it worked, and to be honest if I smoked I would have been ready for a cigarette. I never would have believed that something that titillates a reader for mere minutes could take hours to write. I have a much greater respect for erotic authors now, it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. So hats off to those who give up their time to turn seduction and romance into a beautiful sensual experience for millions of readers worldwide.

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