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October 25, 2010

A little of you in each story by Lauren Fraser

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I was thinking about something a friend was teasing me about a while ago, and it really got me thinking about the characters that I write. She said you sure do like having girls night out. LOL. Now she was completely teasing me when she said it, but it really made me think.

It’s true I really do. I love the connection you get from a group of fantastic friends those people you can count on no matter what. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry while you gorge yourselves on ice cream, or someone to let your hair down with and have a few drinks, or not so few depending on the night.

I like writing and reading about strong women who can look after themselves. Women who don’t need a man to make them feel good about themselves because they are independent and confident in their own way, whatever that looks like. When I look at my female characters they all have a common thread, even when life has torn them down or thrown them for a loop, they still have the reserves within themselves to get back up. And because of that strength they attract a certain kind of man and can hold onto him when the going gets tough.

The physical characteristics vary from book to book but that core strength is always there and sometimes, okay more than sometimes, there’s a hint of tomboy in the female characters, be it that they watch sports, play them or have an athletic build. I honestly hadn’t realized it until my friend was teasing me and now that I’m conscious of it, I’m sure the slight tomboyish characteristic’s will be less noticeable. At least I hope. LOL

But it made me wonder do we all do that? In each book is there a little piece of us in the story? Whether it’s a descriptor of the character’s appearance, their career, a great group of friends or just a favorite drink, is there something that’s you woven in?

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