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October 28, 2010

3-D Excitement by Cate Chase

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One day last week, I was wandering around Facebook and found this article on 3-D printing. You can read the article for the details, but someone has come up with a copier that works just like I write!
It layers, using malleable substances like plastic or metal. Think phyllo dough or papier mache.

Using this technology, a company called Bespoke is creating artificial limbs you can run through your dishwasher!

Anything you can think up can be 3-D printed, as long as you can draw the design. I’m sure it won’t be too long before they can give one of those 3-D copiers a holographic image and press the COPY button.

This technology also encourages mom and pop businesses. Let’s say you make odd looking lamps and don’t want to sell them to IKEA to mass produce. Buy your own 3-D copier, set up a page on the internet and create on demand. Doll houses, Prefab walls you simply attach to another wall…

This fantastic concept kept me up for three nights.

I’m not out to create cookie cutter books, but for me, writing is about layers. If I can get the dialog down, the rest comes rushing in and gets added a layer at a time. I posted something for crit the other day, and Amber asked me, “What about the smells?”

Woops, Good catch, Amber!

The other direction it took me was what if someone gave the copier a design for a magic box? And what if they printed several boxes and just set them out on a table at a park? Book plot here we come!

My grandmother was born before cars were common. She got to see us go to the moon and much more. For our generation and our children’s, technology could potentially make the world my twenty year old knows now completely obsolete in only a few years time.

And the best part is I get to write, to live and work in the creative world, which makes me a little bitty part of things as wonderful as a 3-D copier!

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