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November 1, 2010

Tom’s Story Continued–Chapter Two by Debbie Vaughan

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Tom’s Story is continued from Chapter One, here’s the link just in case you missed the beginning.

“I shan’t call you ‘little one’ again,” she whispered in my ear as she rubbed the warm cloth across my chest, her laughter, light and sweet.

I hadn’t realized how cold I was until she had me stripped and sittin’ in the huge, steaming copper tub, chilled to the bone until the heat from the water seeped in. Everything seemed different. Though night, I had no trouble seein’ the buck on the knoll some yards away. Without strain, I could see his sides risin’ and fallin’ with his breathin’. A little more effort and I could see his veins pulsin’ with blood. See’n things, I was. I placed a hand to my head and found it cool– not feverish. I bucked in the tub when her hand found my privates, sloshing water over the sides and onto her dress, a sharp sound risin’ from my throat. My gaze riveted on her. How had I thought her like Colleen?

“Are you mute?” she inquired with a tilt of her head. Her mischievous smile vanished with my look. She shrugged and would have pulled away, but I clasped her arm above the elbow. She turned to glare. “So, the memory returns. Do you have a name?”

Her fingers curled around my cock and squeezed none too gentle. I could have pushed her away, part of me wantin’ to do just that. But, that weren’t the part doin’ the thinkin’ just then. I held onto her arm, her hand moving freely on me, and studied her face. My head pounded to her rhythm as memory began to come back to me. I should’a wanted her dead for what she done to me. Which was what, exactly? When her other hand joined the first and cupped my balls, I stopped thinkin’, wrapped a hand behind her head and pulled her mouth to mine. With one swift tug and a decent sized splash, she joined me in the tub. Ripping her mouth from mine, she shrieked.

Like two cottonmouths matin’ we twisted round each other, her clothes just suddenly gone, dark hair swirling in the water like something alive. I wanted her like I had never wanted any other, the need to be in her driving me mad. No thought of gentleness, only want. I ate at her mouth and her throat, pushed her leg over the side of the tub and thrust into her. I pounded her body with mine, the water dancin’ in waves around us and couldn’t find what I searched for. The pressure built, ‘til I threw back my head and screamed my torment, a ragged sound coming from the depths of me. My body jolted clear down to my pecker as her teeth pierced my throat. She ground herself against me, buckin’and thrashin’ until her mouth came free and I could feel her insides clutching. I latched onto her breast, biting down hard. With the first taste of cool sweetness, I came, pumping into her as though I would push clean through her. The world narrowed to my throbbing cock and the blood on my tongue.

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