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November 4, 2010

The Writing Race by Gillian Archer

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I compare myself to others. I’m sure this isn’t an earth shattering revelation—everyone does it after all. But I compare my progress against my other writerly friends. It’s neurotic, I know. When I could write 500 words in a day, I would read about other author’s whose minimum goal was 1,000. And I felt… lacking. Like my progress wasn’t good enough.

Now that I’m up to 1k a day, I still don’t feel like I write fast enough. I definitely have more ideas than time to write them which I’m sure is a common writer’s problem. But the other day, I heard about a few authors who wrote 25,000 words in a week. IN A WEEK! *sigh* And once again, I feel less than. I don’t think I could ever write that much in just a week.

Why do I have this overwhelming need to compare myself with others? It’s not like writing that much that fast is a guarantee for publication. And yet I keep doing it. I know I need to let it go. And I will…

after NaNoWriMo. Maybe.

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