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November 29, 2010

Distractions by Ash Penn

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The Internet is never more riveting than when I have a new chapter to write. Very often the only way I can get any work done is by switching off my router fora few hours. And inevitably, when I do, I’ll immediately need to Google something for research purposes. Then it’s ‘Oh, I’ll just check one or two of my writing forums for new posts before I get started on the new chapter’ and then I’ll check my email and by the time I’m done an hour has passed, and I’ve yet to make a start on the WiP.

I’ve decided that if I’m to get any real work done (and have my latest book on sub by the end of this year) I’ll have to stop treating writing as a hobby and start thinking about it as a career. No more random surfing of the internet for hours on end, nor more wasting a morning or four in coffee shops, or window shopping for things I can’t afford. I’m going to have to get myself settled into a proper routine in a distraction free environment. I’ve managed to set up an office (of sorts) in a corner of my bedroom. Nothing fancy. Just a desk, my laptop, and an alarm clock. There will no more idle strolls into town, no internet or TV until I’ve either reached my daily word count goal or the alarm goes off and I can take a break. Hopefully the new, more disciplined ‘professional writer’ me will keep motivated enough to fulfill my personal goal for next year. I want at least four novellas either published or on submission, and perhaps a novel if I can rescue my failed NaNo attempt.

Just as well I’m not into the whole social networking thing, because I’m sure I’d never get any writing done at all.


  1. ::ahem:: Someone has been spying on me and my bad habits. I feel so violated. (Busted)

    Comment by Cornelle — November 29, 2010 @ 05:39 | Reply

  2. I feel your pain. Life is full of distractions alright. My biggest seems to be my inability to say “no” to anyone. I get taken advantage of, a lot. For the past 2 years I haven’t even managed to get my house decorated for Christmas because I was too busy helping others get their’s done.

    I do my best writing while the internet is turned off. You can always go back and correct a research problem in your first edit. 🙂

    Comment by Debbie Vaughan — November 29, 2010 @ 05:44 | Reply

  3. So true.
    It is so easy to get distracted on the Intern… whoa! SpinTop has a new hidden object game out!

    Comment by KevaD — November 29, 2010 @ 06:20 | Reply

  4. Doh, looks like I’m not the only one who gets sucked into the vortex of surfing the web. I try to kid myself it’s in the name of research but suddenly looking up something that should take 5 minutes has sucked an hour of my time. Whoops. I need to get better at that too. And yet here I am again. hehe

    Comment by Lauren Fraser — November 29, 2010 @ 12:33 | Reply

  5. I admire your restraint, I wish some would rub off on me!!

    Comment by Ellie Writes Too — November 29, 2010 @ 18:18 | Reply

  6. Um yes, I too am guilty of this. Only now I have the distraction of creating images. Which means I get to search for pictures for hours on end, many of which I’ll probably never use but I like the idea of having them. Plus, yes, the social networking sites are like a sand trap… I love the idea of an alarm clock. Some discipline is definitely something I need too.

    Comment by Elaina Lee — November 29, 2010 @ 19:05 | Reply

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