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January 17, 2011

Knowing your characters by DH Starr

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I participated in an interview for a review site recently which asked a question that I found to be particularly interesting…primarily because no other interviewer had asked it before. The question was about providing insight into the characters of my book Meant For Each Other.

One of the things I enjoy most about writing is creating characters and then watching how they take on a life of their own. I find that I begin with a vision of what is happening to them in my mind, and that is how my stories begin, but then, as the story progresses, they take on a life of their own and they end up living out their experiences without my guidance. I simply become the scribe that captures what they’re doing.

When asked to talk about these characters, I felt like I was talking about my friends.

Below is an excerpt of the interview. The full interview can be found at: The Romance Reviews

Q: What insight can you share about Craig and Jeremy so that we could understand them better and sympathize with them?

Craig and Jeremy are both artistic and humane. That’s what makes each of them tick. Craig’s work is to design images that represent the visions of his clients. It’s not about making money for him. He loves the work and his reward comes from the satisfaction of his clients. He’s about love and connection, and the further Robert drifts from the man he first met to the man we meet in this story, the unhappier Craig has become, forcing him to rely on his friends and work to provide happiness and a sense of worth.

Jeremy is a teacher in a private school, a job which pays very little financially, but which pays in spades emotionally. He has no interest in seeking a different kind of job that pays more. Being in the classroom, shaping and building the lives of children, gives him the exact kind of happiness and fulfillment he needs.

Robert and Andrew are about material needs, although that is the only way they are alike. The pressure they place on Craig and Jeremy is different and comes from different motivations. However, both Craig and Jeremy experience pressure to change in their relationships so when they find one another once again after 15 years, the sense of acceptance and ease overwhelms them and sets in motion the process that should have happened long before? breaking out of their restrictive relationships so they are free to accept true happiness.

Meant For Each Other is available in Kindle version at and also at All Romance eBooks.

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