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October 29, 2010

An Era Halloween By KevaD

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Ali Katz opened the door, a wry grin playing at one corner of her strategically painted lips. “Good evening, Domme Evanne.”

Evanne Lorraine, clad in black latex, an orchid stapled to her vest, disdainfully surveyed the
room before responding. “Domme Ali. Has the new submissive arrived?”

“I’m afraid not,” Amber Green interjected, handing Evanne a freshly iced glass of lemonade.

“The novice failed to arrive at the established hour.” Wickedly, a brow rose, a hint to her anticipation. “We could dispatch a reminder.”

Lifting her creamy white chin, Ali uttered the one name none in attendance dared speak but her. “Cher.”

From the far corner of the room, Cherise Sinclair righted herself to full erection. “How may I be of service, Domme Ali?”

Behind her, now visible, Ash Penn stroked the hair of DH Starr, then, checked the leather straps at his wrists securely bound to ‘O’ rings bolted into the wall. “See, Doug? It’s mind over matter. Once the body is captured, the mind simply doesn’t matter.”

Lauren Fraser seized the opportunity and butted up against the man’s ass, twisting her lithe body around him like a python.

“But, I’m gay,” he sputtered.

“Oh, relax, silly. I’m not going to take your clothes off. I just need to know if it’s possible to do a rear entry and lick a nipple at the same time.”

“Maybe if you slipped under him and hung there like baby possums do on their mothers,” offered Elaina Lee. “I think Gillian wrote a scene like that once.”

Gillian Archer pranced over to the threesome, her interest undulating. She dropped to her knees and ran a practiced hand along Doug’s torso. “Not enough room. You’re too tall for him. You’d be flat on your back.”

Stella Price called out from a barstool at the kitchen counter. “I don’t mind my women on their back. There’s still an audience for missionary.”

A nudge to her ribs cut off her ejaculation. “A little oral’s a good thing. Too much and the client thinks that’s all you can do.” Jenika Snow returned to sliding her fingers up and down the straw in her daiquiri. “You think I can get the drink to come to me without sucking if I do this long enough?”

Charles stared blindly at her; his face flushed, then, he quickly dialed the number of his fiancée. “Cancel the movie. Cancel the popcorn. But keep the butter handy.”
Near the back door Linda LaRoque, with virginal nervousness, muttered. “I know we just joined this bunch. But if we leave now, do you think we can keep our morality intact?”

A deep-throat pulse of self-induced pleasure erupted from Shaw Carey. “I hope not.”

“Oooh.” The sound, more heated passion than word, floated from Keta Diablo next to them. “Now that’s hot.”

Linda and Shaw’s unexplored arousal perked.

Cross-legged on the floor, Christopher diligently typed on a laptop.

“Is he working on a story?” Linda asked.

“Noo.” Keta’s hand slipped to her waistband, then lower. “Marketing strategies.”

On the sofa, Judith Leger glanced to her left at Jadette Paige, the other half of her Siamese twin costume. “What would you call a position where you lie prone on a man’s back, and stick your face between his legs?”

“Stupid.” A throaty growl slithered from Jadette’s lips.

Judith scrunched her nose. “What’s that pounding?”

Jadette’s mouth pursed. “William Neale. I locked him in the bathroom.”


“Yesterday.” She flopped her feet up on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“Ow.” KevaD turned his head and glared at the duo. “Did you have to wear spurs for chrissakes?”

“Silence, sub.” Cate Chase stepped on his fingers as she strode past. “You’re a table. Don’t forget that. Tables don’t speak.”

Ellie Heller knelt, a steaming round pan in her hands. “Would you like some of my succulent pie, KevaD?”

He flashed a wanting grin. “Sure. Love a piece of your pie anytime.”

She set the burning pan on his shirtless back and walked away. “There you go. Enjoy.”

Standing behind the sofa, Lillian Grant suckled an oyster from its shell. “That was cold, doll.”

Carol licked the glistening juice from the tip of the hardened casing. “This is my first time.”

“You’d never know it. You always swallow?” Lillian kept her tone polite.

“I meant my first time at an ERA soirée. Not cleaning the juice from something hard I just had in my mouth.”

Lillian looked around the room. “Kinda weird being the only two from down under, don’t ya’ think?”

“I don’t know. I think a few folks here have been down and under more than once.”

“I’m talking about Australia.”

“Oh. Are you an Aussie, too?” Carol asked.

“Didn’t the accent give you a hint?”

“I don’t think you have an accent. They all do, but I hadn’t noticed anything odd about you except the way you keep taking notes.”

“Not notes. I’m an accountant by day. I’m keeping track of how many oysters you chuck down before you upchuck.”

“Who’s that in the black robe and mortar cap?” Carol, new, hadn’t met everyone yet.

“Kimberely. She just got her masters degree. Besides writing, she loves to fish.”

“No. Oh no. Please. Don’t.” Carol cringed.

“Yup. Now she’s a master baiter.”

Ali’s voice silenced the room. “We need your special services, Cher.”

Cherise scurried across the plank flooring. “How may I serve thee, Domme Ali, Domme Evanne, and Domme Amber?”

“The new sub has failed to obey our instructions. We require the upstart be brought before us.”

She turned, her voice edgy, sharp. “Debbie. Jerri.”

Jerri Drennen and Debbie Vaughan bolted to her side.

“Retrieve the insubordinate one.”

Debbie reached behind her back, produced a matte black Glock 45caliber pistol, and quickly jacked a round into the chamber. Jerri snagged a stun gun from her waistband and promptly slapped the tip against Debbie’s arm. She twitched all the way to the floor.

“What the fu…?” Debbie scrubbed her face with her free hand, pointed the Glock at Jerri’s crotch with the other. “Five seconds and I pull the trigger.”

“I had to make sure the batteries still work. They’re from an old vibrator.” Jerri held out a hand and pulled Debbie to her feet.

Debbie scowled at Jerri before addressing Cherise. “What does the ignorant one look like, Cherise?”

Barbara Sheridan yanked a black drape from the wall. “Here. On the other side of the glass. The one seated at the keyboard, daring to look in at us, a voyeur believing safety exists beyond our imagination.”

Jerri and Debbie’s faces contorted to leering smiles, their perverse glee visible to me through the computer screen.

The armed duo walked towards me. “Thy will be done.”

September 20, 2010

Meet Gillian Archer by Evanne Lorraine

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In a remote village in the Irish countryside, Gillian Archer commutes deep underground each day toiling away in a mine as an engineer. Until three years ago she’d never lived anywhere except her home state of Nevada. Now, not only has she moved halfway around the globe, she vacations in exotic locales every few months.

For most women juggling a career, home, and family is enough. But the intrepid Ms. Archer also pens erotic romance in her spare time. I’ve been privileged to read some of her manuscripts. She has a breezy fun style and an engaging voice. Readers are in for a treat when her stories are contracted.

You can read more about Gillian Archer on her website.

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