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October 21, 2010

The Fear of Submission by Gillian Archer

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Not the sexy Dom kind, the scary editor kind.

I’m sure it’s not an uncommon thing for newbie writers. Something about the thought hitting that send button and shipping my story off into the big, bad publishing world scares the bejesus out of me. I have tonnes of excuses. The beginning isn’t quite right yet. I’m not sure the hero’s arc is deep enough. Editors probably aren’t even looking for winter themed stories right now–it’s too late in the season. Did I do a comma check? I could go on and on! And believe me, I have to all my writerly friends.

What is it that really frightens me about submitting? Is it rejection? Maybe. But not that any particular publisher will reject me–I’m more afraid all of them will. It’s not a great source of anxiety though. I have more stories and eventually one of them will land with my ideal publisher. No, I think my fear is based on what if someone accepts it. *sigh* I’m crazy, I know. But I don’t feel like I’m ready. I don’t know when or even if I will ever feel ready. I know I still have lots to learn. What if a publisher accepts me and I’m not ready? What if I don’t have the skills to get through the content/line editing process? What if I get accepted but pushed onto an editor who doesn’t like me, one who doesn’t understand my voice? What if I get accepted, get published but no one buys my books?

It’s that last one that freezes me in my tracks and I go down the it’s not ready yet path and round ‘n’ round we go. Eventually the ride will stop. I will have to pick a point and say enough already and push that send button. But I have a feeling that moment will be accompanied by a lot of booze! And maybe a little hand holding!!

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