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January 7, 2011

Romance is EVERYWHERE! by Ellie Heller

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I write genre romances. I also, like several of my fellow ERAers, write in other genres. Specifically I write fantasy, suspense, and paranormal. However, all of my works have a romance in them. But…and you knew that was coming, didn’t you?…the tales I write in other genres are not considered ‘genre romance’. In my other stories, the story arc runs independently of the relationship and romantic love between two people (sometimes more, sometimes less). I do admit my stories do have, mostly, an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending crossing the line between the genre I write in and a romance novel. Hey, I am a glass is half full kind of person! (note: thanks to Wikipedia for helping me with a standardized definition.)

Many authors whom I like aren’t “Romance” authors but are novelists who have romances in their books. Easy enough to find as so many main stream and/or literary novels, new and old, have romantic love in them. Nicholas Sparks is clearly an author who incorporates romantic love in his novels. As for F. Scott Fitzgerald, hello? What crib sheet doesn’t list ‘romantic love’ as a main theme in The Great Gatsby? Anna Karenina, please, do we need to go there? Of course, not all these stories have the emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending a ‘Romance Novel’ does.

However, they *do* have one key element, a romantic love which enmeshes itself so firmly around the story line that the novel would not exist without it.

And it’s not just main stream and literary novels, in other genres romance is also a frequent element. I find romance in paranormal novels, as well as many fantasy novels. (Charlaine Harris anyone?) Stories which are rife with ‘life bonding’, ‘soul mates’ and other pairings. In these stories the pairings are not the main thrust of the story arc. However, the romantic relationship (or the enforcing of a non-relationship!) between lead characters can intertwine intimately with the development of the plot. In these genres you more often have the second element, the ‘happy ending’, that you don’t always with literary novels.

Clearly, there exist outside our genre stories where the relationship and the romantic love between two people impact the story line. (The lines are continually becoming blurred, but that’s a post for another day!)

For now, I’d like to share with you, and I hope you share with me, some favorite non-Romance genre writers whose ‘romances’ you have enjoyed. Or at least found memorable.

My list to start us off:
Piers Anthony: Many of the Xanth Series
Kristen Britain: Green Rider Series (I’m still on tenterhooks how the romantic element in this will be resolved!)
Julie Czerneda: Particularly the Species Imperative Series (Mac and Nic, sigh)
Sharon Shinn: Twelve Houses series: always an element!
Elizabeth Peters/ Barbara Michaels : too many to name

I could go on, but I’m interested in what novels or authors you would list.

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