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February 28, 2011

Crossroads by Gillian Archer

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I’m standing at the proverbial fork in the road. After four years living abroad in Ireland, my husband and I have decided it’s time to move back home to the States. We’ve been so homesick for so long, I’m amazed it’s taken us almost six months to get to this point. Don’t get me wrong, I realize how blessed we are to have had this experience. We’ve met some fantastic people, done some crazy things and seen some amazing sights. I’m half afraid that crossing so many items off my bucket list so early is tempting fate. But if viewing the latest “People of Walmart” email makes you homesick, it’s probably time to move back home.

Before we can move, we have to figure out where our next home is. So far we’ve narrowed it down to Salt Lake City, Phoenix or Seattle-ish. Needless to say there are pros and cons to all the locations. Honestly, I’m hoping for Phoenix. I’m excited at the thought of summer for a change, plus we could get a house with a swimming pool *big grin* But any way it goes, I’ll be happy because I won’t be staring at the “People of Walmart” in envy—I will be one of those shlubs very, very soon!

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February 21, 2011

Confessions of a Social Media Lurker by Gillian Archer

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Hello. My name is Gillian and I’m a lurker.

I’m sure my crit partners will find this confession a bit hard to believe. In our crit circle I never have an issue speaking up and saying my part. Whether I’m critiquing a piece or commenting on publishing news, I don’t hold back. But our circle is a safe place—what’s said there stays there. We can debate anything and it never leads to flame wars.

When it comes to places outside my safe haven, I’ve become somewhat of a hermit. I still read blogs and some of the larger writer forums, but I don’t comment. I don’t speak up. It hasn’t always been this way. When I first started writing, I joined a few forums and commented pretty much without a filter. I said anything that came to mind and prolly overshared quite a bit.

Now though… I’ve seen the issues that can come with posting without thought of the consequences. Cringe inducing confessions, hurt feelings and flame wars abound in romancelandia’s corner of the WWW. I don’t want to be one of those authors. Rather than figuring out how to find the proper balance, I’ve back away all together.

But now that I’m on the brink of selling my first story, I need to figure it out. Soon I’ll be promoting and putting myself out there. And honestly I think that part scares me more than any other part of the publishing cycle. Okay maybe not the most but still it’s a large fear. So any advice out there for me?

I’ll be here… lurking in the shadows.

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January 12, 2011

Real Life Gets in the Way by Gillian Archer

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I haven’t been able to work on my writing as I should in a long time. Almost two months. My life has been a series of strange goings on lately. Our pipes have froze three times, each almost a week a time. We were snowbound for a week in December. And let me tell you, it’s not as romantic as it sounds, especially when we were boiling water like it was 1862. Plus our power went out Christmas Eve after we lost water for the third time.

So my writing suffered as a result. I had a hard time working on it when I was worrying whether or not our power was going to come on or if we had enough food stored up for our snowbound week or when/if our water was going to come on. What can I say? I’m a worrier and these past few months have been rough.

But it’s a new year—full of all the shiny hopefulness that entails. And this year will be different. This will be the year I’ll send out a completed, polished story for submission. This will be the year I’m published. This will be the year I dominate! 🙂 And hopefully this is the year we move back home to a place where building codes are enforced.

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November 19, 2010

Thanks For Noticing Me

The writing world is definitely full of ups and downs. Lately I’ve felt more of the downs as I’m sure my posts have reflected. I’ve been a bit of a Negative Nelly, I know. Some of my author friends have had to talk me off the writing ledge a time or two. (Lauren, I’m look at you!) And I love them for it. It’s fantastic to have such a supportive group of fellow writers. I’m grateful for everyone of them.

But I’m on an upswing right now because I’m a finalist in Tawny Taylor’s Some Like It Hot contest! Wahoo!! An editor at Ellora’s Cave will be reading my partial sub. Yay! I trembled like a Chihuahua for two days after I got the news, lol.

It might not ever come to anything contract wise, but I’m okay with that. Now I know I have the chops to catch an editor’s eye. My dream contract might not come tomorrow but it’s just around the corner.

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November 4, 2010

The Writing Race by Gillian Archer

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I compare myself to others. I’m sure this isn’t an earth shattering revelation—everyone does it after all. But I compare my progress against my other writerly friends. It’s neurotic, I know. When I could write 500 words in a day, I would read about other author’s whose minimum goal was 1,000. And I felt… lacking. Like my progress wasn’t good enough.

Now that I’m up to 1k a day, I still don’t feel like I write fast enough. I definitely have more ideas than time to write them which I’m sure is a common writer’s problem. But the other day, I heard about a few authors who wrote 25,000 words in a week. IN A WEEK! *sigh* And once again, I feel less than. I don’t think I could ever write that much in just a week.

Why do I have this overwhelming need to compare myself with others? It’s not like writing that much that fast is a guarantee for publication. And yet I keep doing it. I know I need to let it go. And I will…

after NaNoWriMo. Maybe.

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October 21, 2010

The Fear of Submission by Gillian Archer

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Not the sexy Dom kind, the scary editor kind.

I’m sure it’s not an uncommon thing for newbie writers. Something about the thought hitting that send button and shipping my story off into the big, bad publishing world scares the bejesus out of me. I have tonnes of excuses. The beginning isn’t quite right yet. I’m not sure the hero’s arc is deep enough. Editors probably aren’t even looking for winter themed stories right now–it’s too late in the season. Did I do a comma check? I could go on and on! And believe me, I have to all my writerly friends.

What is it that really frightens me about submitting? Is it rejection? Maybe. But not that any particular publisher will reject me–I’m more afraid all of them will. It’s not a great source of anxiety though. I have more stories and eventually one of them will land with my ideal publisher. No, I think my fear is based on what if someone accepts it. *sigh* I’m crazy, I know. But I don’t feel like I’m ready. I don’t know when or even if I will ever feel ready. I know I still have lots to learn. What if a publisher accepts me and I’m not ready? What if I don’t have the skills to get through the content/line editing process? What if I get accepted but pushed onto an editor who doesn’t like me, one who doesn’t understand my voice? What if I get accepted, get published but no one buys my books?

It’s that last one that freezes me in my tracks and I go down the it’s not ready yet path and round ‘n’ round we go. Eventually the ride will stop. I will have to pick a point and say enough already and push that send button. But I have a feeling that moment will be accompanied by a lot of booze! And maybe a little hand holding!!

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September 20, 2010

Meet Gillian Archer by Evanne Lorraine

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In a remote village in the Irish countryside, Gillian Archer commutes deep underground each day toiling away in a mine as an engineer. Until three years ago she’d never lived anywhere except her home state of Nevada. Now, not only has she moved halfway around the globe, she vacations in exotic locales every few months.

For most women juggling a career, home, and family is enough. But the intrepid Ms. Archer also pens erotic romance in her spare time. I’ve been privileged to read some of her manuscripts. She has a breezy fun style and an engaging voice. Readers are in for a treat when her stories are contracted.

You can read more about Gillian Archer on her website.

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