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August 29, 2010

About Us

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ERA (Erotic Romance Authors) is an association of both published and unpublished authors who’ve banded together to support and encourage each other as we ready our stories for publication.

Our goal, of course, is to produce the best work we can. So we depend on each other to read and critique as we craft our stories. But there’s a lot more to a writer’s life than getting the words on paper.

Once the story is finished, there’s finding a home for it. Keeping up with industry news is a must for any 21st Century writer, and the more eyes we have looking, the more time we have to write.

We share the thrill of acceptance and the heartbreak of rejection, along with lots of love and laughter.

Some Write It Hot gives you an inside peek into writers at work and play. Enjoy!

A word of caution; most of our members write erotic romance for adults. The free reads, excerpts, and posts may contain content that is only suitable for adults.

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